Is Russia being pushed out of the South Caucasus?

Is Russia being pushed out of the South Caucasus?

After a meeting lasting more than 5 hours, the trilateral talks between the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan with the President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel ended in Brussels at midnight.

The announcement of the meeting was recently posted on the official website of the Council.

According to it, by the end of April, a bilateral commission on the demarcation of Armenia and Azerbaijan will be set up, which will be endowed with the issues of ensuring security and stability along the border. The Foreign Ministers of the two countries were instructed to start preparations for peace talks between the two countries.

It is noteworthy that there is no talk of Russia. There is no mention of the OSCE Minsk Group, it is not accidental against the background of rumors that Russia may withdraw from the Minsk Group. It is not ruled out that the President of the Council of Europe did not mention the Minsk’s gauge, which played a key role in the Karabakh peace process for decades.

President Michel also stressed that ensuring the appropriate distancing of forces is an essential element of incident prevention and tensions reduction. President Michel reaffirmed the EU’s readiness to provide advice and support.

The statement emphasizes that the commission is bilateral: Armenia-Azerbaijan. It is said that the European Union will provide advice and assistance to the parties in this process.

Note that this is about security, which should be done by the bilateral commission.

This is a completely new development in the Karabakh issue. New, but expected, due to the revisions of Russia’s role due to the invasion of Ukraine.


By Nane Makuchyan